FDX / Data Structures / Form1042Recipient
Form 1042-S Recipient, Information about recipient of Form 1042-S
Extends and inherits all fields from Form1042Agent  
FDX / Data Structures / Form1042Agent
Form 1042-S Agent, One of various persons or businesses involved in Form 1042-S reporting
Extends and inherits all fields from NameAddress  
FDX / Data Structures / NameAddress
Name and Address, Individual or business name with address
Extends and inherits all fields from Address  
FDX / Data Structures / Address
Address, Postal address
Address Properties
1line1String64Address line 1
2line2String64Address line 2
3line3String64Address line 3
6regionString64State or province or territory. Replaces "state" property
7postalCodestringPostal code
8countryIso3166CountryCodeCountry code
Address Usage:
NameAddress Properties
1name1String64Name line 1
2name2String64Name line 2
NameAddress Usage:
Form1042Agent Properties
1agentTinstringAgent's EIN
2ch3StatusCodestringCh. 3 status code
3ch4StatusCodestringCh. 4 status code
4giinstringAgent's Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN)
5countryCodestringCountry code
6foreignTinstringForeign tax identification number, if any
Form1042Agent Usage:
Form1042Recipient Properties
1lobCodestringLOB code number, if any
2dateOfBirthDateStringDate of birth
Form1042Recipient Usage:

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