Registry of Participants

Registry of Participants in FDX Tax Ecosystem

This registry is intended to promote and facilitate participation in the Financial Data Exchange tax ecosystem. It does not constitute certification or endorsement of any of the companies listed here.

Tax Software

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Company Application FDX API Client FDX JSON File Import QR Code App
Your company name Your tax software application title


Annual Tax Document Publishers

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Company Documents FDX API Server FDX JSON File Export or Download QR Code
Your financial institution name 1099-INT, 1098
Your brokerage firm name 1099-B, 1099-DIV  
Your educational institution name 1098-T
Your publicly traded partnership platform name 1065 K-1 . ✔  
Your payroll platform name W-2
Your accounting application name Business Income Statement  
Your property management application name Rental Income Statement  


Software and Service Providers

Contact Email Address
Software Services Consulting Brief description of offerings

Ninth Wave
Provider of products in Financial Data Sharing ecosystem

A Service of ITIPS (Internet Tax Information Processing Services)
Software development kits; Docker images; API Services; Consulting




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