/tax-forms GET

SummarySearch tax forms
DescriptionGet the full lists of tax data and tax form images available for a specific year for the current authorized customer
Operation IdsearchForTaxForms

Request Parameters

Parameter Required? Location Type Description
taxYears optional query Array of integer One or more tax years in which to search for tax forms. Comma separated
taxForms optional query Array of TaxFormType One or more tax form enums for the specific forms being requested. Comma separated
contentTypes optional query Array of ContentTypes One or more content-types to request from the search. Comma separated
resultType optional query string Flag to indicate if you want a lightweight array of Tax entities or the full tax form details. If set to 'lightweight', should only return the fields associated with the Tax entity. This field is not required, but defaults to lightweight


Response Code Response Type Description
200application/json of TaxDataListArray of metadata for all the tax data and tax form images available for the customer matching search criteria
206application/json of TaxDataListPartial Content success searching for customer Tax Data forms, some errors are being returned

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