Tax Document Electronic Distribution - File Export/Import

File Export/Import Use Case

The file export/import (or file download/upload) use case is depicted in the diagram below and in this short video.

It is a valid use case under the following circumstances:

  • The issuer of the income tax document cannot justify the cost to develop, maintain, and operate an API server.
  • The time and cost to establish data sharing agreements with all tax software companies is too great.

Issuers of Annual Tax Documents — File Export (Download)

In addition to providing download of annual tax documents in human-readable form (PDF), add download of the tax document data as FDX JSON that tax software can consume.

Your website might have a page that looks like this:

A taxpayer would download the FDX JSON file as seen in this video clip.

Click here to try this yourself on our demo page

Income Tax Return Preparation Applications — File Import (Upload)

Tax software applications then provide for upload of FDX JSON files.

Here is an example page from a tax software app.

Taxpayers drag and drop the downloaded FDX JSON file as seen in this video.

Click here to try this yourself on our demo page





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