1042-S : Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding


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Form 1042-S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding
Extends and inherits all fields from Tax  
Tax1042S Properties
1formIdstringUnique form identifier
3amendmentNumberintegerAmendment number
4incomeTypeCodestringBox 1, Income code
5grossIncomenumber (double)Box 2, Gross income
6chapterIndicatorstringBox 3, Chapter indicator
7ch3ExemptionCodestringBox 3a, Exemption code
8ch3TaxRatenumber (double)Box 3b, Tax rate
9ch4ExemptionCodestringBox 4a, Exemption code
10ch4TaxRatenumber (double)Box 4b, Tax rate
11withholdingAllowancenumber (double)Box 5, Withholding allowance
12netIncomenumber (double)Box 6, Net income
13federalTaxWithheldnumber (double)Box 7a, Federal tax withheld
14escrowProceduresAppliedbooleanBox 7b, Check if federal tax withheld was not deposited with the IRS because escrow procedures were applied
15subsequentYearbooleanBox 7c, Check if withholding occurred in subsequent year with respect to a partnership interest
16otherAgentsTaxWithheldnumber (double)Box 8, Tax withheld by other agents
17recipientRepaidAmountnumber (double)Box 9, Overwithheld tax repaid to recipient pursuant to adjustment procedures
18totalTaxWithholdingCreditnumber (double)Box 10, Total withholding credit
19withholdingAgentTaxPaidnumber (double)Box 11, Tax paid by withholding agent (amounts not withheld)
20withholdingAgentForm1042AgentBox 12, Withholding agent
21recipientForm1042RecipientBox 13, Recipient
22accountNumberstringBox 13k, Recipient account number
23primaryForm1042AgentBox 14, Primary Withholding Agent
24prorataBasisReportingbooleanBox 15, Check if pro-rata basis reporting
25intermediaryForm1042AgentBox 15, Intermediary or flow thru entity
26payerForm1042AgentBox 16, Payer
27stateTaxWithholdingStateTaxWithholdingBox 17, State tax withholding
Tax1042S Usage:



The OFX standard does not support this form.


This form is not reported in the IRS FIRE system.


The TXF standard does not support this form.

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