FDX / Data Structures / Tax
Tax, Base entity for all IRS Tax forms
Tax Properties
1taxYearintegerYear for which taxes are being paid
2correctedbooleanTrue to indicate this is a corrected tax form
3accountIdIdentifierLong-term persistent identity of the source account. Not the account number
4taxFormIdIdentifierLong-term persistent id for the tax form instance
5taxFormDateDateStringDate of production or delivery of the tax form
6descriptionstringDescription of the tax document
7additionalInformationstringAdditional explanation text or content for taxpayer or preparer or IRS about the tax document
8taxFormTypeTaxFormTypeEnumerated name of the tax form entity e.g. "TaxW2"
9attributesArray of TaxFormAttributeAdditional tax form attributes when defined fields are not available
10errorErrorPresent if an error was encountered while retrieving this form
11linksHateoasLinksLinks to retrieve this form as data or image, or to invoke other APIs

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