5498-SA : HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA Information


FDX / Data Structures / Tax5498Sa
Form 5498-SA, HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage (MA) MSA Information
Extends and inherits all fields from Tax  
Tax5498Sa Properties
1trusteeNameAddressNameAddressPhoneTrustee's name, address, and phone
2trusteeTinstringTRUSTEE'S TIN
3participantTinstringPARTICIPANT'S TIN
4participantNameAddressNameAddressParticipant's name and address
5accountNumberstringAccount number
6msaContributionsnumber (double)Box 1, Employee or self-employed person's Archer MSA contributions made in current and following years for current year
7totalContributionsnumber (double)Box 2, Total contributions made in current year
8totalPostYearEndnumber (double)Box 3, Total HSA or Archer MSA contributions made in following year for current year
9rolloverContributionsnumber (double)Box 4, Rollover contributions
10fairMarketValuenumber (double)Box 5, Fair market value of HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage (MA) MSA
11hsabooleanBox 6a, HSA
12archerbooleanBox 6b, Archer MSA
13maMsabooleanBox 6c, Medicare Advantage (MA) MSA
Tax5498Sa Usage:


OFX / Types / Tax5498SA_V100
1 SRVRTID ServerIdType
2 TAXYEAR YearType
3 VOID BooleanType
4 CORRECTED BooleanType
5 TRUSTEEADDR TrusteeAddressType
6 PARTICIPANTADDR ParticipantAddressType
7 TRUSTEEID GenericNameType
9 ACCTNUM GenericNameType
10 MSACONTRIB AmountType
12 TOTALMADE AmountType
13 ROLLOVER AmountType
14 FMV AmountType
15 HSA BooleanType
16 ARCHER BooleanType
17 MAMSA BooleanType


Under Development



The TXF standard does not support this form.

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