5498-QA : ABLE Account Contribution Information


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Form 5498-QA, ABLE Account Contribution Information
Extends and inherits all fields from Tax  
Tax5498Qa Properties
1issuerNameAddressNameAddressISSUER'S name, street address, city or town, state or province, country, and ZIP or foreign postal code
2issuerTinstringISSUER'S TIN
3beneficiaryTinstringBENEFICIARY'S TIN
4beneficiaryNameAddressNameAddressBENEFICIARY'S name and address
5accountNumberstringAccount number
6ableContributionsnumber (double)Box 1, ABLE contributions
7rolloversnumber (double)Box 2, ABLE to ABLE Rollovers
8cumulativeContributionsnumber (double)Box 3, Cumulative contributions
9fairMarketValuenumber (double)Box 4, Fair market value
10openedInTaxYearbooleanBox 5, Check if account opened in current tax year
11basisOfDisabilityCodestringBox 6, Basis of eligibility
12typeOfDisabilityCodestringBox 7, Code
Tax5498Qa Usage:



The OFX standard does not support this form.


This form is not reported in the IRS FIRE system.


The TXF standard does not support this form.

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