5498-ESA : Coverdell ESA Contribution Information


FDX / Data Structures / Tax5498Esa
Form 5498-ESA, Coverdell ESA Contribution Information
Extends and inherits all fields from Tax  
Tax5498Esa Properties
1issuerNameAddressNameAddressPhoneIssuer's name, address, and phone
2issuerTinstringTRUSTEE'S/ISSUER'S TIN
3participantTinstringBENEFICIARY'S TIN (deprecated for rename to beneficiaryTin, removing in FDX v5.0)
4beneficiaryTinstringBENEFICIARY'S TIN
5beneficiaryNameAddressNameAddressBeneficiary's name and address
6accountNumberstringAccount number
7coverdellEsaContributionsnumber (double)Box 1, Coverdell ESA contributions
8rolloverContributionsnumber (double)Box 2, Rollover contributions
Tax5498Esa Usage:


OFX / Types / Tax5498ESA_V100
1 SRVRTID ServerIdType
2 TAXYEAR YearType
3 VOID BooleanType
4 CORRECTED BooleanType
5 TRUSTEEADDR TrusteeAddressType
6 BENEFICIARYADDR BeneficiaryAddressType
7 TRUSTEEID GenericNameType
9 ACCTNUM GenericNameType
10 ESACONTRIB AmountType
11 ROLLOVER AmountType


Under Development



The TXF standard does not support this form.

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