1097-BTC : Bond Tax Credit


FDX / Data Structures / Tax1097Btc
Form 1097-BTC, Bond Tax Credit
Extends and inherits all fields from Tax  
Tax1097Btc Properties
1issuerNameAddressNameAddressPhoneIssuer's name, address, and phone
2issuerTinstringFORM 1097-BTC ISSUER'S TIN
3recipientTinstringRECIPIENT'S TIN
4recipientNameAddressNameAddressRecipient's name and address
5filingForCreditbooleanForm 1097-BTC issuer is: Issuer of bond or its agent filing current year Form 1097-BTC for credit being reported
6asNomineebooleanForm 1097-BTC issuer is: An entity or a person that received or should have received a current year Form 1097-BTC and is distributing part or all of that credit to others
7totalnumber (double)Box 1, Total
8bondCodestringBox 2a, Code
9uniqueIdstringBox 2b, Unique Identifier
10bondTypestringBox 3, Bond type
11amountsArray of MonthAmountBox 5, Amounts by month
12commentsstringBox 6, Comments
Tax1097Btc Usage:


OFX / Types / Tax1097BTC_V100
1 SRVRTID ServerIdType
2 TAXYEAR YearType
3 VOID BooleanType
4 CORRECTED BooleanType
5 ISSUERADDR Issuer1097AddressType
6 RECIPADDR Recipient1097AddressType
7 ISSUERID GenericNameType
9 BYISSUER BooleanType
10 BYNOMINEE BooleanType
11 TOTAL AmountType
12 BONDCODE GenericNameType
13 UNIQUEID GenericNameType
14 BONDTYPE GenericNameType
15 JAN AmountType
16 FEB AmountType
17 MAR AmountType
18 APR AmountType
19 MAY AmountType
20 JUN AmountType
21 JUL AmountType
22 AUG AmountType
23 SEP AmountType
24 OCT AmountType
25 NOV AmountType
26 DEC AmountType
27 COMMENTS MessageType


Under Development



The TXF standard does not support this form.

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