Royalty Income Statement : Royalty Income Statement for IRS Form 1040 Schedule E


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Royalty Income Statement, Royalty Income Statement for IRS Form 1040 Schedule E
Extends and inherits all fields from Tax  
RoyaltyIncomeStatement Properties
1propertyAddressAddressBox 1a, Physical address of property (street, city, state, ZIP code)
2royaltiesnumber (double)Box 3, Royalties received
3advertisingnumber (double)Box 5, Advertising
4autonumber (double)Box 6, Auto and travel
5cleaningnumber (double)Box 7, Cleaning and maintenance
6commissionsnumber (double)Box 8, Commissions
7insurancenumber (double)Box 9, Insurance
8legalnumber (double)Box 10, Legal and other professional fees
9managementFeesnumber (double)Box 11, Management fees
10mortgageInterestnumber (double)Box 12, Mortgage interest paid to banks, etc.
11otherInterestnumber (double)Box 13, Other interest
12repairsnumber (double)Box 14, Repairs
13suppliesnumber (double)Box 15, Supplies
14taxesnumber (double)Box 16, Taxes
15utilitiesnumber (double)Box 17, Utilities
16depletionExpensenumber (double)Box 18, Depletion
17otherExpensesArray of DescriptionAmountBox 19, Other expenses
18capitalExpendituresArray of DateAmountCapital expenditures, for use in calculating Depreciation
RoyaltyIncomeStatement Usage:



The OFX standard does not support this form.


This form is not reported in the IRS FIRE system.

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