FDX / Data Structures / ConsentGrantParty
Consent Grant Party entity, Details on the non-end user parties in the Consent Grant. Includes the legal entity operating branded products or services in the data sharing chain. Descriptive information is collected during Data Recipient registration at Data Provider, and populated during issuance by Data Provider from its registry
Extends and inherits all fields from Party  
FDX / Data Structures / Party
Party entity, FDX Participant - an entity or person that is a part of a FDX API transaction
Party Properties
1namestringHuman recognizable common name
2typePartyTypeExtensible string enum identifying the type of the party
3homeUristringURI for party, where an end user could learn more about the company or application involved in the data sharing chain
4logoUristringURI for a logo asset to be displayed to the end user
5registryPartyRegistryThe registry containing the party’s registration with name and id: FDX, GLEIF, ICANN, PRIVATE
6registeredEntityNamestringRegistered name of party
7registeredEntityIdstringRegistered id of party
Party Usage:
ConsentGrantParty Usage:

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