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Security Detail, IRS Form 1099-B, Tax information for a single security transaction
SecurityDetail Properties
1checkboxOnForm8949stringApplicable checkbox on Form 8949
2securityNamestringSecurity name
3numberOfSharesnumber (double)Number of shares
4saleDescriptionstringBox 1a, Description of property
5dateAcquiredDateStringBox 1b, Date acquired
6variousDatesAcquiredbooleanBox 1b, Date acquired Various
7dateOfSaleDateStringBox 1c, Date sold or disposed
8salesPricenumber (double)Box 1d, Proceeds (not price per share)
9accruedMarketDiscountnumber (double)Box 1f, Accrued market discount
10adjustmentCodesArray of CodeAmountOther adjustments (code and amount)
11costBasisnumber (double)Box 1e, Cost or other basis
12correctedCostBasisnumber (double)Corrected cost basis. May be supplied in lieu of adjustmentCode code B. If both adjustmentCodes and correctedCostBasis are supplied, costBasis plus adjustmentCode B should equal correctedCostBasis
13washSaleLossDisallowednumber (double)Box 1g, Wash sale loss disallowed
14longOrShortSaleTermTypeBox 2, LONG or SHORT
15ordinarybooleanBox 2, Ordinary
16collectiblebooleanBox 3, Collectibles
17qofbooleanBox 3, Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF)
18federalTaxWithheldnumber (double)Box 4, Federal income tax withheld
19noncoveredSecuritybooleanBox 5, Noncovered security
20grossOrNetSaleProceedsTypeBox 6, Reported to IRS: GROSS or NET
21lossNotAllowedbooleanBox 7, Loss not allowed based on proceeds
22basisReportedbooleanBox 12, Basis reported to IRS
23stateTaxWithholdingArray of StateTaxWithholdingBoxes 14-16, State withholding
24cusipstringCUSIP number
25foreignAccountTaxCompliancebooleanForeign account tax compliance
26expiredOptionExpiredOptionTypeTo indicate gain or loss resulted from option expiration. If salesPrice (1d, proceeds) is zero, use PURCHASED. If costBasis (1e) is zero, use GRANTED
27investmentSaleTypeInvestmentSaleTypeType of investment sale
SecurityDetail Usage:

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