FDX / Data Structures / Operation
Operation entity, Definition of a supported API for the /capability response object
Operation Properties
1idOperationIdOperation ID (e.g. name) of this API
2availabilityAvailabilityWhether and how this API is currently supported
3alsoSupportedArray of OperationIdAdditional FDX API endpoints supported at this API, e.g. Transactions within Accounts, or TxImages within Transactions
4versionstringData provider's implementation version number for this operation, which is unrelated to the FDX API version
5fdxVersionsArray of FdxVersionFDX schema versions supported at this endpoint
6cutOffTimeTimestampCut off time for same-day execution of activity request submitted to this API. Alternatively, the as-of time when EOD account balances are typically set
7linkHateoasLinkGeneral HATEOAS link for this API, specifying supported action (GET, POST, etc) and contentTypes (application/json, image/png, etc), but without any path parameter values
Operation Usage:

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