FDX / Data Structures / Customer
Customer entity, Represents a customer
Customer Properties
1customerIdIdentifierLong-term persistent identity of the customer. This identity must be unique to the owning institution
2nameCustomerNameThe customer's name
3dateOfBirthDateStringThe customer's date of birth
4taxIdstringCountry specific Tax Id associated with this customer (SIN or NAS in Canada, SSN or TIN in US, etc.)
5taxIdCountryIso3166CountryCodeCountry originating the Customer’s taxId element
6governmentIdstringA federal (such as passport) or state (such as driver's license) issued identifier
7emailArray of stringAn array of the customer's electronic mail addresses
8addressesArray of DeliveryAddressAn array of the customer's physical mail addresses
9telephonesArray of TelephoneNumberAn array of the customer's telephone numbers
10accountsArray of CustomerToAccountRelationshipList of accounts related to this customer
Customer Usage:

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